Patty, a man's best friend in the fight against bedbugs

DETECTBUG, Geneva, offers an environmentally friendly, cost effective, discreet and efficient solution for detecting bedbugs.

DETECTBUG is on call 24/7 for detecting bedbugs

In Geneva and the surrounding area, we bring along our dog to confirm whether your home is infected with pests.

Trust DETECTBUG to detect all traces of bedbugs

With canine detection, we get the best possible results in a way that is unobtrusive and environmentally friendly.


Find out if you have bedbugs at home using canine detection: a fast and effective solution from Detectbug, Geneva.

Canine bedbug detection - Detectbug - GenevaFor many years, human beings have called on dogs to detect a number of substances such as drugs, explosives and many more. With a sense of smell 10,000 times more powerful than humans, dogs detect the faintest of smells.

At DETECTBUG Sarl, our dogs contribute to the effective detection of the presence of bedbugs that are alive, as well as their eggs. Whereas the level of effectiveness of a visual inspection carried out by a trained human being only reaches 38% for an hour's work, with the help of our sniffer dogs this level goes up to 97% for a few minutes' inspection.

The effectiveness of our bedbug sniffer dogs depends directly on daily training by professional, qualified dog-handlers. Our sniffer dog team trains every day in order to develop its sense of smell for live bedbugs, at whatever their stage of life, as well as for the presence of eggs which are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Through the professionalism of our sniffer dogs and their handlers, we guarantee you fast, proven and effective detection! Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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