Patty, a man's best friend in the fight against bedbugs

DETECTBUG, Geneva, offers an environmentally friendly, cost effective, discreet and efficient solution for detecting bedbugs.

DETECTBUG is on call 24/7 for detecting bedbugs

In Geneva and the surrounding area, we bring along our dog to confirm whether your home is infected with pests.

Trust DETECTBUG to detect all traces of bedbugs

With canine detection, we get the best possible results in a way that is unobtrusive and environmentally friendly.

Treatment, freezing and process

Thanks to an effective treatment offered by our partners DERATISA SERVICES, you'll be completely rid of bedbugs.


Before going ahead with the chemical treatment of a room, installation or locality infested with bedbugs, we have to prepare the place. To this end, we will advise you of an exact procedure to follow in order to maximise the chances of eradicating bedbugs.

The landlord's co-operation is essential if the treatment is to be a success.  


Freezing is an effective way to get rid of bedbugs which are found in bedclothes, clothing, books, etc. For a 100% effective result, it is imperative to freeze at a temperature of -20°C for a minimum of 72 hours. Our freezing chambers, in Geneva, are available to hire by appointment, where you can drop off anything you suspect is infested. Our delivery service can come and collect your belongings and return them to you afterwards. Give us a call to find out our rates and terms.  


A minimum of two chemical treatments is necessary about ten days apart (resistance of the eggs).

During the treatment, all occupants and pets must leave the dwelling. After the treatment, you must wait at least 6 hours before returning home.


Click here to see our "before and after" treatment procedure for security measures.  


After the second treatment, our team of sniffer dogs will come in order to carry out a survey in the treated areas. This stage is of the utmost importance to guarantee the treatment has been successful and that no bedbug has survived.   

Practical information

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