Sniffer dog

The bedbug sniffer dog: an effective solution offered by Detectbug, Geneva.

Faced with an infestation, it is often difficult to spot this insect which only measures a few millimetres.

Thanks to our specially trained sniffer dogs, bedbug detection is extremely precise. The dog, thanks to its heightened sense of smell, can locate 97% of the infestation, and so it's possible just to treat the targeted areas. Also, there are no pollutants, so it's a completely environmentally friendly method.

The advantages of canine detection:

  • Cost effective, because thanks to targeted detection our disinfectors only treat the infested areas.
  • Environmentally friendly , because we do not use any pollutants and limit the use of chemical products to the contaminated areas.
  • Discreet, no need to shift all the furniture because the dog passes without moving anything.
  • Efficient, our sniffer dog can inspect a building of 200 rooms in 8 hours while it would require an hour per room without a dog.


Our sniffer dog

Sniffer dog - Detectbug - GenevaPatty, our dog, was trained in the United States by the best and most recommended institution for training specialised dogs.

At this institution, she worked for more than 1,000 hours in order to become a specialist bedbug sniffer dog.

We have welcomed Patty, a Border Collie, hardworking and loyal, and continue daily training in order to guarantee the best possible level of detection.

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